2016 NARA Licensing Seminar

Program and Presentations

2016 Program of Events

Monday, September 19, 2016

Strategic Positioning for the Future: Combining Accreditation and Regulation by Susanne Matthiesen
Preventing Children's Exposures to Environmental Health Hazards in Early Care: Emerging Initiatives by Hester Paul, MS
Introduction to CARES (Childcare Administration Regulation and Enforcement System) by Jeremy Lewis
NARA Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards: The Utilization and Integration of the Standards as Part of a Diligent Recruitment Plan by Donna Sabo, Joyce Debolt, Ana Beltran and Heidi Epstein

Acuity-Based Staffing: Can it Work? By Tom van der Veen, Ana Potter, and Liz Dubois
Beyond the Inspection Checklist: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities for Successful Child Care Licensing Inspectors By Michele Adams and Tara Orlowski
Working with Young Refugee Children and Their Families By Tricia Doyle
A Uniform System of Procedures that Creates a Consistent Application of Disciplinary Actions and Progressive Enforcement By Mike Boland

Illegal Operations: How to Conduct a Successful Investigation of Providers Operating Without a License By Sandi Wooters and Patricia Adams
Playground Safety By Deborah Gray and Stefani Kniss
Impact of Federal Child Care Initiatives on State Health and Safety Standards and Monitoring Practices By Sheri Fischer and Michele Adams
Child Care Licensing Focus Group By Judy Collins and Nina Johnson

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Standard Precautions and Infection Control By Theresa Jarvis
Getting on the Same Page By Sharon Woodward
A Balance of Blending and Specialization: Georgia Child Care Licensing Organizational Structure By April Rogers, Kristie Lewis, and Melissa Davis
Playground Safety: Do Regulatory Requirements Make a Difference? By Kim Bruce and Carla Kane

Background Checks and the Flagging System in Colorado By Stefani Kniss and Carin Rosa
Supporting Best Practices in Inclusive Child Care By Stephen Green
Creating a Regulatory System that Supports and Monitors Programs Across the Continuum of Care By Dawn Woods and Kathleen Hynes
CCDF Reauthroization Year 2: How Are States Meeting Child Care Licensing Requirements? By Michelle Thomas, LIsa Clifford, and Dawn Wood

The Long and Winding Road: REvising Licensing Requirements By Nancy vonBargen, Simon Bolivar, and Christel MichaudBuilding the Supply of High-Quality Family Child Care By Mary Beth Salomone Testa
Reducing Risks in Regulated Settings - "Gotcha" or "Let's Work Together" By Judith Colbert
Georgia's New Integrated Enforcement and Compliance System By Rhonda Parker, Elisabetta Kasfir, and Elizabeth Holland A Canadian Perspective: Implementing Tiered Licensing in the Province of Ontario By Dana Green and Natasha Kabani

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Adult Care Licensing Enforcement: Strategies of States and Provinces By Tom van der Veen, Alfred Johnson, and Sandi Wooters
Colorado's Online Injury Reporting - Lessons Learned By Kathi Wagoner and Tanya Estrada
New Opportunities and Challenges: A Conversation about Monitoring By Katie Beckman
From Community Systems to State Policy: Buidling Strong Communities of Licensed and License-Exempt Providers By Nina Johnson, Char Goodreau, and Dawn Woods Book Chat