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Engage with Like-Minded Peers
NARA provides opportunities for connecting with other regulatory professionals in your field and the ability to network. Through the membership directory search feature, you can find others who work in the same field, or even in a specific geographic area. By participating in NARA committees, attending the Annual Licensing Seminar, or using the online forums you also have the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, while also benefiting from the extensive backgrounds and expertise of many other NARA members.

Be A Part of the Solution
The human care licensing and regulatory field is important to the public safety in our communities, but those in the field often feel overworked and under appreciated. Join NARA to make a difference locally by joining our members across the United States and Canada to share and learn best practices, expand on the success of your peers in other states, and promote our industry across North America. 

Education and Professional Development
NARA provides numerous education and professional development opportunities specific to human care licensing and regulation. From our National Regulatory Professional Credential, Annual Licensing Seminar, monthly webinars, research papers, and consultants, NARA provides the industry with the resources needed to help promote the safeguarding of children, youth and adults through the effective formulation, application and enforcement of licensing statutes and rules.

Member Benefits

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Voting Privileges

All individual and organizational staff are given voting privileges. Our association is here to support our members and the human care licensing industry, and one of the simplest ways to make your voice heard is through our votes such as board member appointments, bylaw changes, and annual meeting minutes.

Annual Book or Publication

NARA offers members one free book or publication related to human care licensing. Past year books include:

Subscription to Exchange Magazine

The National Association for Regulatory Administration has teamed up with Exchange Press to provide the following special discounts to Association subscribers who purchase any of these Exchange Press resources. Learn more about your Exchange benefits.

Exchange Live is a digital version of Exchange magazine, bursting with interactive features and additional content. Includes free access to Articles of Demand (over 2,800 articles in the Exchange archives). Exchange Live may be viewed on your tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. To start reading Exchange Live or browsing Articles on Demand, visit www.ChildCareExchange.com/exchange-live.

NARA Webinar Discounts

NARA provides monthly webinars for members and non-members which are also available for purchase after the recording. In addition, NARA webinars can count toward the educational hours needed for NARA's NRP Credential. Check out our webinar schedule and archives.

Individual and Archive Webinar Discount:

  • Member price $25
  • Non-Member price $40

NARA Licensing Curriculum

True to NARA's dedication to promoting excellence in human care regulation and licensing, NARA has developed a Licensing Curriculum containing education on licensing fundamentals for line, managerial, provider support and policy development professionals and is designed for direct consumption by readers.

Please note the 12 chapter 2000 Edition of the NARA Licensing Curriculum is being updated and is not currently for sale as a separate item. The Licensing Curriculum is still available for in-person trainings by NARA.

NARA's National Regulatory Professional Credential

The National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA) National Regulatory Professional Credential (NRPC) is designed to recognize the competencies required of a professional in the human care licensing field. 

NARA’s National Regulatory Professional Credential program is built on the belief that credentialing advances consumer protection through prevention. The most compelling reason to certify human care licensing and regulatory professionals is simple: to ensure public safety. Government agencies and community-based organizations that adopt and enforce NARA’s practice standards through the requirement of credentialing assure appropriate and effective service delivery for the recipients of human care, adult care, child care, and child welfare services.

Discounts offered to members include:

  • Online Courses (4 courses): Member cost $125/course; Non-member cost $250/course
  • NARA Comprehensive ExamMember cost $125; Non-member cost $250
  • NARA Credential Renewal: Member cost $250; Non-member cost $350

Want more information? See our National Regulatory Professional Credential page.

Annual Licensing Seminar

Join us for our 2023 Annual Licensing Seminar in Indianapolis, IN from Sept. 18-20, 2023!

The annual NARA Licensing Seminar is the premier event in which human care regulators and providers come together to network, share best practices and glean strategies for improving their regulatory practices. The Seminar provides attendees – including state administrators, policy-makers, attorneys, program managers, field inspectors, researchers, advocates and providers – the opportunity to participate in lectures and discussions on a broad range of regulatory topics that are important to all licensing disciplines and all professional positions.

A two-and-a-half-day event which draws more than 300 members of the human care licensing community from across North America. This diverse representation of regulatory stakeholders provides unique opportunities for information-sharing, education and reflection. With various professions represented, as well as the different regulatory models, attendees are able to gain a better understanding of the regulatory framework in general, as well as collaborate and learn the best ways to serve and protect vulnerable children and adults.

Attendees leave with:

  • Knowledge that can be immediately placed into action;
  • The ability to connect with industry peers to discuss strategies, objectives and solutions to common challenges;
  • The information, resources and support needed to aid in consumer protection through prevention.

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