2020 NARA Seminar Justification Tool Kit


NARA's Annual Licensing Seminar is the premier event in which human care regulators and providers come together to network, share best practices and glean strategies for improving their regulatory practices. We know, however, that within regulatory organizations every expense or funding decision may be scrutinized. To assist you in gaining funding approval to attend the 2020 NARA Annual Licensing Seminar, we have developed a justification toolkit, which includes customizable documents and information to help you demonstrate to your supervisors and leadership the significant value your participation in the Seminar will bring to your organization.

When you are compiling your proposal to your supervisors, keep the following in mind:

  • Focus on what you specifically will bring back to the organization as a return on the investment.
  • Use the Seminar schedule and sessions to outline some of the needed resources or current issues you’ll be learning about.
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation or Q&A with your colleagues upon your return from Seminar. This will be an opportunity for your participation to benefit your whole unit or department and increase the value of your attendance.
  • Share the presentation slides and handouts with your colleagues. You will have access to materials from most sessions. These can be tangible benefits to you and your colleagues well beyond Seminar.
  • Seminar features exhibitors and sponsors providing a wide range of regulatory services. While on-site meet with any vendors who may have solutions to assist your organization.
  • With complimentary Wi-Fi in the guest rooms, you can still maintain contact with your work while attending Seminar.
  • Be sure to register by the Early Bird Deadline to save on Seminar registration.

Proving you can put the knowledge gained at the Annual Licensing Seminar immediately into action, outlining the specific costs and benefits associated with Seminar and volunteering to share the benefits with your colleagues all make it easier for your supervisors and leadership to approve your attendance. We hope that these resources will make your justification process just a little bit simpler, and we look forward to seeing you at Seminar!

Tool Kit Documents: