NARA National Regulatory Professional Credential Renewal Requirements


The Candidate must submit the following to NARA within 60 days from their expiration of the NRPC*.
(Please review section B.2 of the NARA NRPC Policy for full details).

*If your NRPC expired between 3/15/20 and 12/31/2021, you are eligible to renew beyond the 60-day timeframe due to our Covid Exception Policy. To take advantage of this exception, simply submit your renewal by 12/31/22. Please note that your renewal will be retroactive based upon your original expiration date. I.E. If you originally expired on 3/15/20 and you submit your renewal on 4/30/22, your new expiration will be 3/15/25, not 4/30/27.

1. Documentation of 30 clock hours of education submitted to [email protected], completed within the past five years. 

  • Documentation must include: name of the education event, clock hours involved, name of trainer and agency, description of the content, and the date education event was completed.
  • Education can be obtained through NARA, classes or conferences related to human care licensing job functions, and/or education provided by the employing agency. It must relate to human care licensing and/or other professional skills. 

2. Submit a letter of recommendation from a supervisor confirming the candidate is in good standing and demonstrates key performance skills for his or her regulatory responsibilities and attesting to the candidate’s completion of the 30 clock hours of education. If not directly employed in human care licensing, a letter of recommendation from an individual who can attest to the candidate’s demonstration of key regulatory performance skills may be submitted. This letter must be submitted through the above Survey Monkey link.

3. Submit a signed pledge to follow the NARA Code of Ethics

4. Payment of non-refundable fee (pay upon registering for the courses or exam; NARA allows agencies to request an invoice for Purchase Orders at checkout)

  • $250 for NARA members
  • $350 non NARA members, fee includes one-year membership

Optional Distinction:
Experienced Human Care Licensing Distinction: To receive this designation on the credential, the candidate must submit proof of at least two years of human care licensing experience. Applicable experience includes direct human care licensing, direct supervision of human care licensing staff or legal staff responsible for regulations. The supervisor can select “yes” if the distinction is applicable in the above recommendation letter link in Survey Monkey.

Awarding the Re-Credential
If a candidate has allowed the credential to expire, he or she may renew the credential within 90 calendar days of the expiration date by meeting all of the renewal requirements and paying a $100 non-refundable re-activation fee, in addition to the renewal fee outlined in the renewal requirements.  Failure to renew the credential within the 90-day grace period will result in the candidate being required to earn the initial credential.

Refund and Credit Policy
Please review our Refund and Credit policy carefully so you understand what you are entitled to when registering for a course or credential program.